“Annette has been a complete blessing in my life over the past few years.  Our work together has been deeply healing and transformative.  With her guidance, I have journeyed into some of the most tender parts of my being and learned to offer loving attention rather than shutting down or judging those parts.  My life looks completely different and I am certain I wouldn’t have been to create this new life without her assistance. The wisdom Annette shares transcends any book or workshop, it goes straight to your soul and asks you to be present to this precious life.”
– A. Williams


I feel blessed to know Annette as a spiritual guide, counselor, and friend. She supported and worked with me during a very challenging period of my life. Her quality of being non-judgmental is very healing for me. All is equally welcomed and looked at. I can inquire and find my own answers, without any agenda or preference on her side. No ideas of right or wrong or where it should go. That gives me the freedom to really inquire and let the truth of each moment appear in front of my inner sky. Her compassionate and giving heart and presence made me feel safe and loved. With the help of her clarity, I learned to rest in presence without denying what appears in form. She brings me back to THAT which always is and does not change.
Deva Suma, Koeln, Germany


Wow!  What an amazing experience!  The Magic Medicine Magnificence retreat is profound and inspiring.  We came together as a group of women who didn’t know each other and left as a powerful, connected sisterhood, full of love and support for each other.  Annette skilfully weaves her magic around us, nurturing and encouraging us to reconnect with our own power and majesty.  I feel deeply grounded and reconnected to the earth, the planets and all living things. Blue Spirit is quite simply the most wonderful retreat center I have ever stayed in and that combined with the beautiful surroundings, the sunshine, the jungle, the beach and the ocean combines to make the whole experience magical and deeply enriching.  I urge you to take your place in the circle, you will not regret it.
Liz M, UK

If you are fortunate enough to work with Annette, you will discover a masterful guide who brings a deep and steady state of loving Presence to her work with clients. She is also a skilled practitioner who knows how to help others navigate the inner landscape. A while ago, I was experiencing one of the most bewildering periods of my life. As a practitioner myself, I had many tools at my disposal, yet none of the ways I had known to work with my own experience was…working.   During my first session with Annette, things started moving. And as things progressed, I discovered new tools. The work was not always easy, but it was always magical, with unexpected gifts at every turn. Through Annette’s presence, I was always reminded that, even at the darkest of times, all experience is sacred.
–  Peggy McAllister, Executive Coach, US


I have a regular meditation and Yoga practice and have been to many different retreats. Yet, the retreat with Annette has been definitely one of my favorite! Annette’s deep spiritual practice has given her to the ability to deliver complex spiritual ideas and concepts in a clear, simple, yet profound way. During the retreat, I had many realizations, healed my heart from some old chronic pain, made amazing friends, learned new skills for grounding myself in a present moment, and much much more. I really enjoyed meeting my power animal, Annette’s pick of meditations on non-duality, Yoga classes tailored to the theme of the day…well – pretty much everything we did! I found “Dropping Deeper & Corrective Experience” process aimed to release trauma from the body very helpful and am able use it on my own now every time a need arises. I am so grateful for what Annette has to offer and would recommend her retreats, workshops, or individual session to everyone who enjoys deep learning in a magical, soulful, and supportive environment.
Yuliya K, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Working with Annette is an absolute pleasure.  She has helped me accept myself and simultaneously given me tools to work with the difficulties and complexities I experience in my daily life.  She approaches life from a variety of lenses ranging from psychotherapy to Shamanism and mindfulness.  Her patience, adaptability, and clarity as a practitioner and human are deeply effective and healing.  To this day, I am this using tools I have learned from her and feel empowered to stand on my own two feet in moving through life.
Sim D., Health Coach and Laughter Yoga Teacher, US


At a difficult time in my life, Annette supported me with her love, practicality and wisdom. She guided me deep inside and together we looked at my fears, anxieties and patterns of behavior that no longer served me. She also provided me with concrete tools to help me get through my cancer treatment. This, I am sure, was a huge contributing factor in my healing successfully. Annette was truly a channel for Life to come to me when I needed it most.
–  Malta R., New York


I signed up for the retreat because I wanted to spend a week in Costa Rica.  I didn’t pay much attention to the retreat’s subject.  What I experienced with Annette and the other women was simple and profound—an opening to being in my own skin and to feeling whole and free. I liked the lack of dogma, the practical shamanism, and the emphasis on the divine feminine.  In addition, the ocean, the land, and the Blue Spirit staff all conspired to make the week magical.
Marina S., San Francisco Bay Area



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