Shamanic Energy Medicine

Shamanic Energy medicine has been practiced for thousands of years in different indigenous cultures around the globe. Shamanic Energy medicine is about being in right relationship with everything and everyone, as an expression of One Spirit.

If we view existence through the veils of separation, we can dream up all possible nightmares. Veils of separations are thought forms or imprints that we identify with. They work similar to an icon on a computer’s desktop:  when the icon is clicked on and activated, it takes over the desktop and conceals free space – we feel limited, and experience dis-ease and suffering versus openness and ease.

Shamanic Energy Medicine can be extremely effective with shifting deep seated patterns, and thus aid any stalled therapeutic work, mental-emotional imbalances, or spiritual unfoldment.
Energy Medicine does not engage much in an intellectual processing of our concerns and challenges – but works at the soul level, using a diversity of mythic and energetic medicine tools, as well as deep awareness-work to ‘clear the space’.

One potent medicine tool, for example, is soul retrieval.
While who we really are is always, already whole and complete, we can disconnect from vital parts of ourselves in situations of trauma, leaving us feeling fragmented, and thus unable to change unproductive patterns in our life. In a soul retrieval we find the ‘soul-piece’ that has splintered off and bring it back into the luminous energy field of the client.

Imbalances can also be passed on through our ancestral lines, and it takes the light of consciousness and often a deep honoring of what has not been acknowledged, for the solidified energy to be freed up again.

Other medicine tools are chakra illumination, extraction work, transition rites, death rites, and despachos (prayer bundle ceremonies).

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Disclaimer: Shamanic Energy Medicine is a complementary method – not an alternative  to any form of mental health or medical treatments.