Inner Depth Counseling

“Truth does not reveal itself through effort, but through discarding what is false.” Shakyamuni Buddha

Inner-Depth-Counseling offers an integral approach to recognize our true nature as Openness, Love, and Natural Intelligence – and to bring that embodied knowing into all areas of our life.

Inner-Depth-Counseling is rooted in the understanding that we are already inherently complete.Yet, if asked, many of us would probably say that deep down we often feel somewhat flawed, deficient, or unlovable. Our true nature seems to be concealed through mis-identification: We basically believe and feel that we are separate from Love, Life, or Spirit.

Our essential work together is to take a fresh look at our habitual assumptions of self and other. Any of our life challenges and problems are welcomed and seen as an opportunity to dissolve old suffering and as a gateway to recognize and relax into what is already profoundly okay. Within that process we co-creatively use dialogue, deep listening, somatic mindfulness, non-dual inquiry, or inner critic work, as well as assist the organism to safely release the traces of past trauma.

Inner-Depth-Counseling sessions can take place in person, by phone, or via Skype.
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