Women’s Retreats

NOTE: The next women’s retreat Mother Space & the Awake Body takes place December 9-16, 2017, at Blue Spirit in Nosara, Costa Rica. A few spaces left!


Many of us women long to embody our heart’s deepest knowing – and, our true power derives from relaxing into this timeless source, as well as aligning with our bodies and the forces of Nature.

These are potent times for women to awaken to the Truth of our Being, own our Magic, and honor our Medicine.

Until now, we have been living in a world primarily shaped by masculine values and structures. We all, men and women, carry feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) energies, but tend to live mostly disconnected from the gifts of the Feminine.
For many women, living in a ‘masculine world’ can cause us to mistrust our heartfelt knowing and we then compensate our sense of lack through copying masculine ways of success and power. Globally, the neglect of the feminine principle has led not only to severe geopolitical imbalances – it also influences our education, intimate relationships, and spiritual outlook on life.

A spiritual path that includes the feminine principle does not seek to realize Spirit exclusively in its ascending nature (transcendence), but also in its immanent and very down to Earth expression. Including the feminine perspective in our spiritual unfolding has a huge impact on how we are able express and embody who we deeply are in all areas of life – the No-thingness and the Everything-ness of Reality.

For example, Nature as a whole and the Body  – often despised or neglected in many religions or wisdom traditions – play a pivotal role in the fullness of our realizations and the ability to walk our talk in daily life. The Body is not what it appears to be – limited by the skin or a mere bag of bones – but the Infinite Field of Natural Intelligence itself, and thus offering a profound foundation, gateway, and expression of true Awakening.

Annette offers workshops and retreats for women who feel called to live more and more from the Source of the Sacred. In her programs she draws from a rich well of her practices from Indo-Tibetan meditation traditions, non-dual inquiry, Andean shamanism, and modern Western somatic approaches to healing trauma – as well as inviting the fresh Heart-Intelligence of each woman to come forth.