Mythic Theatre

Mythic Theatre is a transformative group exploration, during which we listen to an ancient story or myth, and then after a short contemplation, are invited to follow our intuitive pull and embody one of the story’s characters.

At first glance the figures or story-lines don’t have anything to do with our modern life dynamics, but the universal themes of life and death, betrayal and resurrection, illusion and self-realization, are all manifested in the great body of mythological literature.

Once we are in the role, the archetypal currents take over and play with us in unforeseen ways. Through the dynamic interactions, our familiar perspectives and habitual ways of experiencing ‘self’ and ‘other’ begin to shift and loosen – often eliciting surprising insights. The invisible medicine of the story also exudes its own healing potion, and participants have the chance to assimilate unacknowledged parts of themselves and to harmonize with the undivided openness of it all.

Mythic Theatre can be facilitated as a group process in several hours up to a full day format.

If you are interested in bringing Mythic Theatre to your area, please contact Annette for more information.